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Bears Fans Really????

As a die hard Steeler fan living in the chicagoland area I have to admit it is tough listening to all the Bear fans spout out all this we are a great team bulls*$*&. Schedule makers did you feel sorry for these guys or something? I will admit the defense is kind of suprising giving that they are a bit older. When a fan says to me that San Fran would be the third best team in NFC north I have to ask myself if this fan just came out of the insane asylum. My prediction for these fans is that by the end of the year they will be on suicide watch.

First I dont despise the bears I just kind of despise the uneducated fans that come to me and throw up nonsense and no facts. Let me start off by saying the first 5 games they played who again? The colts first NFL start for a rookie QB and a team who is in rebuilding mode. Then there was Green Bay I dont have to explain what happened here. Jay Cutler showed his true wussy whiny self(Go live in Laguna Beach Please). Then they played the Rams which with Jeff Fisher i think they could be pretty good, but they are not right now. Then every pro analyst favorite mistress the Cowboys. I have no idea why they all think this team is super bowl ready they have Tony Romo as QB enough said. Dez Bryant still has bruised hands for beating his mother in the off season which is probably why he couldnt catch a pass that night. Then finally the arena league team Jacksonville Jags, another team in rebuilding mode with inexperience at QB. I am happy that you are 4 and 1 this season , but I could get 10 of my friends and play same schedule and probably be 2 and 2.

Now the schedule you guys have is a little tougher after the bye week. Detroit Carolina and then Tennessee geez maybe it doesnt. Anyway after those cupcakes you have Texans and 49ers and Vikings(suprise team this year) a good Seattle Def but another rookie QB and finally Green Bay again. This in my opinion might be the easiest way to playoffs this year. It kind of reminds me of the 2006 superbowl team. That team won on defense and special teams, but played teams with no QB or the stars were hurt. I dont mean to offend all Bear fans, just the ones who think they are the best team in the NFL right now. Just remember who you have at QB. You have a QB that you never quite know what you are gonna have that week.

With all that said congrats bears on your 4 and 1 start, I still believe that you are a middle of the pack team with a fairly easy schedule and you dont really impress me. Before all you say that Pittsburgh sucks too I am a educated fan and will agree with you they are terrible. This is not a my team your team sucks debate, i just had to vent on here that most Bear fans I come across need to get tested………..


This will be my…

This will be my first blog to date. I decided to start a blog to get my happiness and frustrations with the sport world as I see it. I will not promise great writing, but will promise a blog where a lot of sport fans can relate with. If you are a Pittsburgh Steeler fan you will really like this. I am a lifelong and die hard steeler fan and I will write about the ups and downs of the season. I will also write about the NFL as a whole I will throw some fantasy stuff  in as well. I will write anything sports except for soccer, I will not pretend to have a clue about a sport I know nothing about.

 I am excited to start this new hobby job what ever you want to call it. I hope to get a pretty good following, and will try to write about things people want to hear like NFL commishoner Roger Goodell is a total moron, or why baseball should have more instant replay, or why Bears fans annoy the hell out of me. Hope you enjoy and cant wait to get started.

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!